Crop and Straighten

Multitouch photo editing for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Made by Fingertips

available on the App Store Now freely available* Designed for iPhone and iPad

Pinch in and out with two fingers to change the crop area, then drag to move it.

Rotate with two fingers to straighten. A grid will appear to help you align your photo.

I love this. It’s elegantly simple — the perfect useful app.

Mills, Chief Wonka™ at ustwo™

Crop and Straighten feels like the iPhone photo cropping app Apple would’ve designed.

Sam Stephenson, programmer at 37signals

Astounding in its simplicity.

Joost Holthuis, Creative Director at Edenspiekermann

Impressed. Very neat work, love the ratio switching. It’s like the cover flow of cropping, in that it does something useful beautifully.

Darren Geraghty, visual interaction designer

It’s how I imagine photo cropping should work on iPhone.

Dominik Porada, front-end developer

Crop is slick, and the multitouch swivel effect is a nice touch.

Lessien, opinionated about everything

*We made Crop and Straighten in 2010 because good cropping and straightening functionality wasn’t available on the iPhone and iPad back then. Since iOS 7, the interaction design and featureset of Crop and Straighten is now available in Apple’s own Photos App. Because of this we decided to make our app freely available. Crop and Straighten won’t be updated for iOS 7.